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No one really wants to think about death. Yet, it’s something that happens to everyone. Therefore, most of us, even while young, need to think about the future.

One of the most secure ways to protect your estate, survivors and business after your death is to invest in life insurance. The sooner you get covered, the better the terms of your policy often prove. To get started, contact The Weimer Group at 877.791.1707 or request a quote online now.

What is life insurance?

When you die, life insurance can help cover many costs related to your passing. These might include:

  • Funeral costs
  • Everyday needs and bills
  • Debt settlements
  • Mortgage payments
  • Targeted costs like a child’s education or a spouse’s health needs
  • Business costs (debts, investments and replacement searches)

You leave the policy to a named beneficiary. This might be a spouse, child or even a business partner. They can then put the money towards their desired needs. In many ways, there is virtually no limit on how a beneficiary can use your coverage, and the money won’t go through probate. That’s more money for your survivors when they need it most. 

What policy options exist?

Some of us will want permanent life insurance policies. Others will only want coverage for a certain number of years. The Weimer Group is proud to offer a diversity of policy options, including:

Term-life plans:

Coverage lasts a set number of years. The policy will issue a payment if you die while the term is active. However, you can drop the coverage at the end of the term.

Whole-life policies:

With this coverage, your policy>remains active indefinitely, if you pay your premiums. Many policies offer cash-accumulation and interest benefits to help you increase your eventual payout.

Universal life insurance:

When you pay your premium, a portion of that premium pays into the policy’s cash accumulation option. You’ll also often be able to adjust your premiums and payout limits while keeping certain investment options.

Group life coverage:

Are you a business owner who wants to offer life insurance benefits to your employees? Group plans allow you to cover all employees under one policy with similar limits. These plans usually allow employees to pay significantly less for coverage than they would on and individual plan.

Key Person insurance:

Business owners might buy life insurance for themselves. Upon their death, the company receives a settlement. This coverage therefore might help the business survive even after your death.

Buy-Sell policies:

In its basic form, this coverage helps protect business partners. Each partner takes out a policy on the other. The policy, in effect, leaves the insured’s shares of the company to the other person. However, the individual’s family also receives a settlement without having to challenge the business. Therefore, you can take care of both business and personal needs.


Annuities are investment plans that customers make with insurance companies. The terms of the annuity guarantee you a regular payout until your death. Often, these plans will help you sustain your income after retirement. Thus, you’ll have support in your later years.

Get Covered Now

There are a lot of life insurance options out there, and our agents are experts in the bells and whistles of different plans. We’ll walk you through medical exams, the application process and the policy setup. With us, you’ll always know that you have coverage that protects your wellness, solvency and legacy.

Often, the sooner you get life insurance, the better the policy terms will prove. You might qualify for lower premiums and better cash accumulation options by getting started while you are young. So, don’t wait. Contact The Weimer Group now by requesting an online quote or calling us at 877.791.1707.

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