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Pretty much everyone depends on electricity. So, if you’re an electrician, you’re providing a valuable community service. You’ve got the chance to run a very profitable business.

Nevertheless, running a good business means investing a lot of money in your endeavor. Therefore, you’ve got to protect what you’ve worked so hard to build. You are going to need various types of commercial insurance. Let The Weimer Group be your agency of choice when researching, comparing and purchasing your policy package.

Coverage for Electricians of All Sizes

By running your electrician service in a professional way, you reduce the chances of problems affecting your operations. The most successful business owners, after all, are those who show absolute commitment to their assets and customers.

Still, you can’t prevent every accident. So if you don’t plan ahead, you could wind up spending hard-earned profits to fix the problems. Yet, if you’ve got commercial insurance, you can use your coverage to pay for your losses. Your protection can come in multiple shapes and sizes:

  • Property damage coverage: Storms, fires and other accidents might damage your building, personal assets and more. Use this protection to pay for those losses.
  • General liability insurance: Someone might get hurt in your business. Or, you might damage their personal property. Use this coverage to pay third parties for damage you cause them.
  • Business interruption coverage: Need to close temporarily because something unexpected happened? Coverage might help you pay salaries, bills and other costs during the closure.
  • Cyber liability insurance: Data losses could compromise the company and its customers’ privacy. Use this coverage for damage control in case cyber breaches occur.
  • Equipment coverage: If specialty equipment sustains damage, it might cost a pretty penny to replace. Get equipment insurance to protect the value of these items.
  • Employee benefits: Do your workers need life insurance? What about a health care plan? We can help you set up group coverage that meets your budgetary needs.
  • Workers’ compensation: Employees who get hurt on the job likely have a right to supplementary income. Use workers’ comp to pay them for their losses from on-the-job injuries.
  • Commercial auto insurance: Do you drive a van to make house calls? What about using your personal car for business? You might need commercial auto insurance. It comes with tailored coverage to protect the business’s interests in the vehicles.
  • Inland Marine Insurance: Shipping commercial items overland means insuring those assets. Inland marine insurance guarantees those products have financial backing.
  • Bonds: Bonds will help ensure you can compensate clients in case you cannot complete stipulated contracts.

Here at The Weimer Group, we understand that every business owner needs specific protection. We’ll take a long look at your business interests to make sure your coverage adequately reflects their value. We’ll also ensure that the types of coverage you choose remains cohesive and affordable. To us, insurance is personal, and we’re here to help you get the peace of mind to feel secure in your business.

Don’t put off protection or spend hours searching for policies that don’t meet your needs. Call us at 877.791.1707, or request a quote online, right now! We guarantee you’ll find coverage.


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