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By: Andrea Moyer Unless you are super shy of doing anything online (which is perfectly fine, by the way) you’ve probably had some experience paying your bills online.  Depending on the websites you’ve used and how well the bill payment procedures were set up, your experiences might have been seamlessly efficient or downright muddling. READ MORE >>

The average renter lives in a property owned by someone else. And in every property, the appliances, structures and other items might break down. When they do, who pays for them? You? Your renters insurance? The property owner? The unique circumstances of property damage and maintenance determine who pays for them. READ MORE >>

Investing in business insurance makes good financial sense. Most companies recognize the risks they face in situations such as a fire or a lawsuit filed against them. However, it takes only a single incident like this to occur for you to realize just how financially devastating such an event can READ MORE >>

BOP is a form of business insurance that lumps together several types of coverage into one plan. It's more affordable and ensures you always have the very best access to the information and resources you need to protect your company. READ MORE >>

Conceivably as many as 80 million customers of Anthem, Inc., the nation's second-largest health insurance company, have recently had their account information stolen, that would make it "the largest health care breach to date” the company said in a statement. READ MORE >>

If you have a business that you care about it, you want to protect it. Now more than ever, it’s important to cover all your bases with security as there are more ways than ever for criminals or others to disrupt your business’ security. READ MORE >>

Professional organizations may offer opportunities to learn industry trends, meet potential contacts, and grow your business. You may want to review your business insurance PA policies as your business grows, in case you need additional financial protection for new products, services, equipment and employees. READ MORE >>

Telecommuting has gained popularity in the U.S. in the past decade, especially as gas prices have risen and traffic conditions have worsened. Should you choose to start a telecommuting program at your business, you may want to contact your agent to find out how your business insurance in PAmay be impacted. READ MORE >>

  The interior design of a business, including the art work, may be part of what attracts the customer. In order to keep customers coming back to your business, it is important to provide a good product and excellent customer service in an attractive setting. READ MORE >>

  When you consider starting a new business, or expanding your existing business, you may want to look into trademarking your name, logo, and any symbols or graphics associated with your company. Another important consideration is insurance. READ MORE >>

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