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By: Andrea Moyer Summer season is nearly upon us!  What happened to spring?  As usual, our spring season is rather fleeting here in southeastern Pennsylvania and we have had quite a bit of precipitation to further forestall it. READ MORE >>

By: Andrea Moyer Wouldn’t you agree with that title?  The depth and scope of what mothers mean to their children, grandchildren, children-in-law and stepchildren simply cannot be captured in merely one day every year.  Although originally instituted in 1914 as a national holiday in the U. READ MORE >>

By: Andrea Moyer If you’ve read some of my previous blogs, you’ll know that I was a school bus driver.  I transported teens and children every day, so it’s safe to say that they caught on to most of my driving habits, even if they didn’t always realize it. READ MORE >>

By: Andrea Moyer We’ve had some weird weather lately here in southeastern Pennsylvania.  We’ve had snow, ice, a polar vortex displacement and buckets of rain.  That’s to say nothing of the weekly temperature fluctuations which continue to drive us all crazy and wreak havoc on our immune systems. READ MORE >>

By: Andrea Moyer Unless you are super shy of doing anything online (which is perfectly fine, by the way) you’ve probably had some experience paying your bills online.  Depending on the websites you’ve used and how well the bill payment procedures were set up, your experiences might have been seamlessly efficient or downright muddling. READ MORE >>

By: Andrea Moyer When I was a school bus driver, driving in wintry weather, while far from pleasant, wasn’t actually as bad as driving in my own car.  The bus mechanics often started our buses for us and when we got in and were ready to leave the lot, our vehicles were nice and toasty. READ MORE >>

Confidence behind the wheel is critical. Individuals who are confident are less likely to make driving mistakes. They are less likely to have moving violations. And, they are likely to be a safe driver, which keeps auto insurance costs down. But, what makes you a confident and safe driver? READ MORE >>

Everyone wants to reduce their auto insurance rates. To do so, why not consider protecting your car? Most consumers have access to a wide range of anti-theft devices. Simple or complex, they can help you keep your car safe. As a result, your car insurance provider may reduce your rates if you have these systems in place. READ MORE >>

Did you know that you may receive a discount on your auto insurance if you have anti-lock brakes? That comes from the belief that this type of braking system is safer.  Not all vehicles have anti-lock brakes, but most modern cars do. If you have them, be sure to let your car insurance agent know. READ MORE >>

You cannot control how old you are, but it still can impact what you pay for auto insurance. Car insurance companies assign pricing for policies based on the amount of risk a person presents. Age can be a factor in that risk. It's important to know that companies do not target individuals on a specific basis. READ MORE >>

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